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Common Misconceptions on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

1 | Should you wait as long as possible to clean your carpets?
No, you shouldn't wait to clean your carpets. Dirt is coarse and is harsh to carpet causing faster wear and tear.
2 | Is the only reason to clean your carpet is to remove dirt?
No, as you travel from outdoors and walk on your carpet, you are unwillingly spreading external pollens, bacteria, and pollutants that can proliferate to other areas of your home or work space and cause illnesses. In addition to cleaning your carpet to remove dirt, you are also sanitizing your environment.
3 | Is one method of carpet cleaning just as good as another?
No, carpet cleaning involves two different methods with two different outcomes. Dry foam and dry-chem cleaning are both dry cleaning practices. Both methods are different from one another but leaves a less than satisfactory result: leaving behind residue and remaining debris. On the other hand, hot water extraction, or steam cleaning, removes dirt by means of utilizing high-pressure hot water to be shot through the carpet and later “extracting” the remaining water, dirt and bacteria out of the fabric.
4 | Is having the right equipment all a company needs to properly clean your carpet?
Not necessarily. Many carpet cleaning businesses have the appropriate equipment to clean your residence and commercial business but many employees are not thoroughly trained to use them. Look for carpet cleaning companies that are certified in Cleaning & Restoration, or has a IICRC certificate.
5 | Should you hire the company with the lowest prices?
Not always. The prices that a company is advertising may not be the services you require and could prove misleading. Before you choose a carpet cleaning company, develop some brief research regarding a company's qualifications and determine which services you need in order to best reach the goal that you set for yourself.